“Wildflower; pick up your pretty little head, It will get easier, your dreams are not dead.”


Everything from self-help, psychology, MBTI, boundaries, trauma therapy tools, and Splankna to spirituality, meditation, health, philosophy, identity, and suicide.

Constantly pursuing better processes in order to create positive progress

Humans are in progress. We are either actively dying or actively pursuing freedom and life. For example, physically, even when we perceive ourselves standing still we are actually traveling at roughly “1000 miles per hour“. Mentally, it is similar, we are either speeding up our decent to death or actively pursuing healthy habits, (e.g.: “How Do Thoughts and Emotions Affect Health“). These healthy habits promote life through freedom from harmful thoughts, emotions and actions. Therefore, our habits are the processes we use to move our progress in a negative or positive direction. Progress is inevitable but we choose the direction and speed at which we arrive.

Progress: “A movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage”

Process: “A systematic series of actions directed to some end”


…Processing Tools…

Exploring everything from professional counseling, mentoring, therapy methods and protocols to art, journal keeping, music, prayer and spiritual disciplines.

Tools are items which help you do a certain job with the greatest precision and results. Any “Maker” will tell you that the proper tools for the job is paramount for a successful end product. It is the same in life and especially in processing negative thoughts, emotions and past events.

There is a tool for every situation. Hope is always available.

For the Colorado Springs area, Beautifully Processing can personally offer Splankna services or suggest recommendations for outstanding counselors who specialize in various tools, such as EMDR.

Beautifully Processing is focused on personal development through trauma processing, recovery from human trafficking, suicidal mentalities and spiritual welfare. As the author of Beautifully Processing, the tool I have found to be most effective in my own life and in others is, Splankna. If you are interested in setting up a session or have any questions concerning Splankna or other practitioners please contact me here.

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